Elisabeth Wildling
  • Model/Foto, "Spatial Introversion", Schauraum Angewandte, MQ, quartier21, Vienna, Duration prolonged until 20 September 2011.
    Inspection, transparency, reflection: A given stable spatial setting is expanded, the exhibition space becomes a spatial sculpture made up of spaces of viewing.
  • Installation View, "Spatial Introversion", 2011
  • Auszug aus Spatial Introversion/Quasi Raum, G.H.
  • Installation View, "Spatial Introversion", 2011
  • Model, Detail, 2009
    Material Study within Research at LightglassPro, dealing with light, glass and architecture.
  • Still, "Endless Dialogue", within the Project "Überlegungen zur Rhetorik von Raum und Zeit", 2005
  • Auszug aus "Überlegungen zur Theorie von Raum und Zeit", Dr. Georg Wilbertz
  • Performance, "Überlegungen zur Rhetorik von Raum und Zeit", 2005
  • Still, "Endless", 2005/2010
    The work deals with the experience of discontinuity in spatial and temporal perceptions. Through the movements and the parametrical changes in the "device", which causes a disturbance in the perspective, the space becomes an active structure.
  • Video within the Work for the Play Anne Frank: Leeft en Werkt, Gasthuis Frascati Amsterdam, 2008.
    Digitally manipulated, the patterns are composed of layers of nostalgic motifs. In extreme slow-motion, only discernible as a subtle and relentless process, layer after layer is peeled back until all that remains are naked walls. The projection space becomes a metaphor for the empty space of memory to which the performers of the play go at the end of the performance.
  • Drawing, "Untitled"
  • Video/View of the Stage Play, "HamletHamlet", 3Raum Theater Wien, 2007
  • Impressum